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525<br>Gym Pair wrist support - simple REISPORT Reisport
15.83 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
LV-512<br>Hand-grips - Unveven Bars (Reisport) Reisport
21.67 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT

LADY Junior - Special for young girls
Leather very flexible, to recommand for young gymnasts
Available in Size XS   and   S ;  Look at  on  the right column the guide for Sizes ) Check the accuracy of your size with our concordance table.
RV-506<br>Hand-grips - Rings (Reisport) Reisport
28.33 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
RV-507<br>Hand-grips - Horizontal Bar (Reisport) Reisport
28.33 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
Top-of-the-range hand-grips
For high-level gymnasts
Size available 00 to 4
524<br>Pair Protec-wrist REISPORT Reisport
5.00 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
Strecht wristbands 
  White - Medium
   Pink - Small
LV-510<br>Hand-grips - Unveven Bars (Reisport) Reisport
28.33 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT


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