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All our shoes, the brands Bleyer, Eurogym, and Sasaki

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POC-01<br>Half-shoes Bag
2.92 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
CH-EG-1<br>Half-shoes (Eurogym)
12.50 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
Shoes made for large feet
Salmon colour
EV-1835<br>Half-shoes Eva
15.83 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
Special competition
Colour: salmon in Micro-Velours soft
ATTENTION ! choose one size more
than your normal size.
BL-1829<br>Half-shoes Bleyer
15.83 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
Soft and excellent for training and competition.
Resistant leather on top and underneath
Colour: Salmon
SA-147<br>Sasaki Half-shoes
20.83 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
High quality and comfortable shoes
Non doubled swede model
Black logo
Colour: beige
M-752<br>Half-Shoes Bag
7.50 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
SA-153<BR>Knitting Half Shoes SASAKI
15.83 EURO Exc VAT  Exc VAT
Knitting Half Shoes SASAKI.
Can fit to all shapes of foot


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