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General Sales Conditions

• Identification
Company name   Eurogym International
Manager last name   Gauthier
Manager first name   Robert
Head office   265, Boulevard Voltaire
Zip code   75011
City   PARIS
Country   France
Offices / sales premises   265, 267 Boulevard Voltaire
75011 PARIS
Phone   33 (0)1 43 72 81 03
Fax   33 (0)1 43 72 81 05
Opening hours   Lundi de 14h30 à 19h00
Du Mardi au Vendredi de 09h30 à 12h00
et de 14h30 à 19h.
Samedi de 09h30 à 12h30
et de 14h30 à 17h00
En Juillet et Août, le magasin est ouvert le matin de 10h à 12h
Hébergeur du site   Doyousoft
17 Place Pierre Sémard
34500 Béziers
Directeur de publication   Robert Gauthier

This web site is the entire property of Eurogym International, as well as the whole rights relating to it. Whole or partial copyright is systematically submitted to the authorisation of the owner.
However, hypertext links towards the web site are authorised without prior notice.

Information concerning delivery time and products availability.
- Information about free-of-charge products and services
- Implementation of the guarantee and after-sales services
- Setting up disputes
- Commitment to data protection

1. Acceptance of conditions
When making an order, the customer admits to have already been aware of the particular conditions of sales displayed on this screen and expressly declares to accept them unreservedly.
The present general conditions of sales govern the contractual relationships between Eurogym International and its customer, with both parties accepting them unreservedly. These general conditions of sales prevail over any other conditions present in any other document, except express and written prior exemption.

2. Products
Eurogym International is not contractually liable for the photos that illustrate the products. If some photos are subject to some errors, Eurogym International will not, under no circumstances, have any responsibilities in this matter. Most of the products marketed by Eurogym International are available in warehouse.

3. Orders
The systems of automatic booking are considered as evidence concerning the nature, content and date of an order. Eurogym International confirms acceptance of a customer’s order by an email sent to this one provided that s/he has sent his/her email address. Sales will be effective only after the confirmation of an order and the booking of guaranteed security of payment. Eurogym International reserves the right to cancel the order of a customer with whom there is a dispute regarding the payment of a previous order. The information stated by the purchaser when placing an order commit this one : in the event of an mistake in the references of the receiver, the seller would not be held liable for the impossibility to deliver the product.

4. Delivery
After booking a delivery, Eurogym International is committed to deliver to its carrier all the references available in stock which have been ordered by the purchaser within a 72 working hour time-limit. If some articles are provisionally unavailable, Eurogym International will confirm to the purchaser the references which will be delivered as soon as they are available in stock.
Concerning the deliveries to be made outside Metropolitan France, the customer is committed to pay all the tariffs due for products import, customs duties, value added taxes and any other dues taxes in pursuance of the rules of the country where the order will be delivered to. All orders placed online to Eurogym International are intended for the personal use of customers. The customers or receivers of the products are not allow any partial or total resale. Eurogym International free itself as a matter of a fact from legal liability if the payment of tariffs is not made by the customer.
Deliveries will be made by La Poste by Colissomo (registered parcel post) or by Chronopost (express mail service in France) according to the choice of the customer’s carrier in Metropolitan France. Deliveries are made during the working hours by direct handing over of the product to the receiver, or in case of absence, to another person entitled par the customer. Eventual delays do not give the customer the right to claim damages from the seller.
Deliveries in EEC countries and outside EEC countries are made by La Poste and international post services by recorded or priority parcel posting.
In case of visible defects in the product, the purchaser is entitled to send it back according to the conditions specified in this document.
War, riots, fire, strikes, accidents and the impossibility to be supplied are considered as an act of absolute necessity (an act of God) which relieves the seller from its responsibility to deliver. Goods always travel at the receiver’s own risk. Check your parcel at reception. You have at your disposal a 48-hour time-limit to make any eventual reserves to the carrier in case of failure or damage.
Because of reasons of availability, an order can be delivered in many times to the customer. In this case, the customer pays for one delivery only. If the customer wishes to be delivered at two different places, s/he has to place two different orders, with the cost of delivery incurred from such operation.

5. Retraction
There is a seven-day cooling-off period, which starts from the day the articles are received. If you wish to exchange your articles or be refunded, send the article(s) back in its/their original packaging, new and unused, with their eventual accessories, directions for use and documentation to the following address:
Eurogym International
265, boulevard Voltaire
75011 PARIS
If you wish to use your right for retraction, Eurogym will have to reimburse the amount of money paid by the customer, with no extra costs, except for the return cost. Reimbursement will take place within a maximum 15-day period. Each return should be done through explicit request to Eurogym International. A special number that is worth acceptance will then be addressed to you. No return will be made without prior acceptance and allocation of a return number by Eurogym International.

6. Prices
Prices are in Euros.
The price displayed on the product card is exclusive of tax. It does not include VAT and shipping.
The price indicated during the confirmation of an order is the final price, inclusive of tax and VAT and concerns France and EEC countries. The price comprises the price of the product, the handling charges, packaging and conservation of the product, the shipping charges and commissioning.

7. Payment
The price invoiced to the customer is the price indicated on the confirmation of an order sent by Eurogym International. The price of the products is paid in cash on the day the order is made effective Payments are made by a banker’s card with the label CB (Carte Bleue: a French bank card with which purchases are debited directly from the customer’s bank account = a credit card). On-line, Cyber Plus – Banque Populaire allows you make secure payments via the banker’s server of the Bred – Banque Populaire.
Your banker’s card number goes through the servers of the bank, your secure payment is made out directly to bank without passing by the shop’s server. This is an even more important guarantee in so far that your card references are only known to our bank partner (Bred - Banque Populaire).
The order validated by the customer will be considered effective only when the concerned banking payment centres give their approval. Refusal by these centres will automatically cause the cancellation of order and the customer will be informed of that by e-mail. On the other hand, Eurogym International can refuse the processing of the order of a customer with whom there is a dispute.

8. Dispute
The agreement is governed to French law. Eurogym International cannot be held responsible for any damage, whether material, immaterial or physical which could result from awkward handling and use of the marketed products. Eurogym International cannot, likewise, be held responsible for eventual changes in products made by manufacturers. Liability will, in any case, be limited the amount of the order and Eurogym International will not be accounted for simple errors or omissions that could have remained unnoticed despite all the precautions taken during the presentation of the products. In case of difficulty in the implementation of this current contract, the purchaser has the possibility, before taking any legal action, to look for an amicable arrangement notably with the help of :
- A professional association of the sector
- A consumer’s association
- Or any other form of counselling of one’s choice.
One should remember that looking for an amicable arrangement does not interrupt the "short notice" of the legal warranty, nor does it stop the duration of the contractual warranty. One should also remember that, as a general rule and with reserve to the discretion of court, the respect of the clauses of the current contract relative to the contractual warranty supposes that the purchaser should honour the financial commitments towards the seller.
Claims or disputes will always be handled with attentive benevolence, as good faith will always be presumed on the one who takes time to expose the problem. If there is a dispute, the customer will get in touch first with the company pour find an amicable arrangement. Failing that, the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris is the sole competent court, no matter what the accepted place de delivery and means of payment are.

9. Warranty
Eurogym International guarantees that all the products have been selected among the world’s best well-known brands in the gymnastics industry.
Eurogym International cannot, in any way, be held responsible for the non respect of legislative and statutory clauses in force in the country of receipt. The liability of Eurogym International is systematically limited to the value of the product involved in the dispute, at the date of purchase, and that without having to recourse to the brand or the company which has produced the product.
In any case, the customer benefits from the legal warranty of eviction and hidden defect (art. 1625 and followings of Common/Civil Law). On the condition that the purchaser proves the hidden defect, the seller must legally suffer all the consequences (art. 1641 and followings of Common/Civil Law); if the purchaser takes the case to court, he has to do it at "short notice" starting from the time the hidden defect has been discovered (art. 1648 of Common/Civil Law).
You can contact the Customer Service 6 days a week (from Monday to Saturday inclusive) by dialling 33(01) 43 72 81 03 or by e-mailing

10. Legal information
Personal data information collected for distance-selling operations is compulsory; this information is indispensable for the processing and routing of orders and issuing invoices and underwriting agreements. Failing to supply this information will cause the non validation of an order. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, customers’ personal data processing is the subject of a formal statement before the CNIL, the board which enforces data protection legislation. You have the right to access, correct, rectify and delete any personal data that relate to you (art. 34 of the 6th January 1978 Act) , and which he can exert beside Eurogym International. Moreover, Eurogym International is committed not to divulge to third parties any personal information that customers provide.
(+33) 1 43 72 81 03
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